Bluma Vinik Permanent Make-Up Clinic

offers a variety of cosmetic treatments


that rejuvenate and soften your skin. The treatments are supervised by a licensed

specialist, Dr. Nathan Wexler, who has been part of our team for many years.


Giving Nature a Boost of Color


Bluma Vinik is a world renowned Permanent Make-Up specialist, instructor and

guide for 35 successful years. Just ask her thousands of satisfied customers and

students who wake up every morning with a smile.

Permanent Make-Up is the perfect solution for women who likes to look their best at

all times… shortly, for all of us.


So what is Permanent Make-up?


Permanent Make-Up is a specialized technique of impregnating the skin with colored

mineral pigments with the use of a dedicated equipment/needle. The Permanent

Make-Up can remain for a period of a few years, depending on where it is applied,

and must be performed by a specialist.


There are two types of Permanent Make-up


- Aesthetic Permanent Make-up is performed to accentuate your facial features

and natural beauty. It suits customers who prefer to look their best effortlessly

at all times, day and night. Aesthetic Permanent Make-up is also suitable to

conceal some natural flaws or feature asymmetry such as thin eye brows, thin

lips etc. and of-course it is suitable for persons who developed allergies to

standard make-up products.


- Para Medical Permanent Make-Up provides solutions where standard

medical treatments can't. Such as conceal scars, nipple reconstruction, lack of

pigmentation etc.

Permanent Make-Up looks its best and natural once the healing process has been

completed and takes about a week or two after the treatment has been performed.